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  • design"scale model" module

    Preview buildings in their right place. Analyse environmental and urban impact. Look at your scale model from different position. Replace the main model with different revisions.

  • fly aroud"bird's eye" module

    Fly around the scene, change materials and textures, move objects such as cars, lamps and trees. Turn lights on and off. Look through volumes with x-ray mode.

  • furnishings"furniture" module

    Try different configurations and get their feeling: change indoor furniture, edit walls and windows.


ABOUT ARKITEKArchitecture will never be the same

You will save hundreds of man-hours per project.

ARKITEK is an innovative tool that helps you plan and preview architectural environments. Import user's 3D models, dynamically choose materials and finishes and place street furniture in real time: ARKITEK is the ideal tool for both designers and sales representatives.

Supported Devices

  • META 1 Dev Kit

    meta spaceglasses
  • EPSON Moverio BT-200

    epson moverio bt-200
  • Oculus Rift

    oculus rift

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